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What is unique about the EPC?

We are unique among American Presbyterians with our self-conscious attempt to balance essential and non-essential matters within a confessional framework. We are unified in our commitment to the essentials of the historic Christian faith taught in the Bible, but allow liberty of conscience on those matters which are not so plain in—or central to—the Bible’s teaching.

What is the EPC's view of the Bible?

We believe that the Bible is fully inspired by God the Holy Spirit to lead people to a saving knowledge of God and to help them understand their world rightly. By its very nature, the Bible is infallible. It is the supreme authority that orders our doctrine and mission.

How does the EPC compare to other Presbyterian denominations?

We lie in the middle area of a continuum of American Presbyterian denominations. We believe in historic Christianity as taught in Scripture, thus looking to the Bible as our guide on moral issues and believing in the reality of sin, salvation, and judgment. At the same time, we want to give evidence of what we consider a mark of the true church—loving fellowship—by holding our convictions with charity toward others, and charitably allowing a diversity of views within the EPC on non-essential issues. Thus we identify positively with those Presbyterian denominations which hold to biblical authority.

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